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Olympic Spirit Finger food Menu Combinations 2016 -17


3 –4 Hour Cocktail Cruise Suggestions


 Option 1    $30.50 per person

6 selections Finger food

1 platter selection




Option 2         $32.50 per person

6 selections Finger food

Carvery  - 2 selections



Option 3         $35.00 per person

6 selections Finger food

2 Standing Food Choices



More Substantial Evening Cruise Suggestions



Option 4                                             Option 5

$42.00 per person                              $45.00 per person

6 selections finger food                    8 selections finger food

Carvery – 1 selection                          1 platter selection

Cheese Platter                                                Cheese Platter

Sweet Nibbles Platter                                    Sweet Nibbles Platter



or create your own combination from our finger food menus



Cocktail Finger food Menus


$3.40 per person per selection (gst exclusive)



Beef, Pancetta and Mozzarella Pie Pops

Smoked Duck with Plum Jelly, Baby Celery and Speculaas

Sumac and Zahtar Lamb Skewers with Tomato Achar (GF)

 Peppered Venison Loin and Beetroot on Gnocchi Romaine with Shallot Jam

Ras el Hanout Lamb Slider with Baby Spinach and Mint Pesto

Chicken, Pinenut and Raisin Bisteeya Cigar

Quinoa and Oat Sable with Rare Chimichurri Beef Fillet

Quails Scotch Egg with Lightly Curried Mayo

Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Truffle Oil

Lamb, Crisp Eggplant and Baba Ghanoush Tart (GF)

Duck Confit and Forest Mushroom Tarts with Truffle



Prawn and Watercress Sandwiches with Lemon and Cayenne

Prawn Cakes with Tomato Chilli jam (GF)

Tamarind, Palm Sugar Prawn Cutlet with Micro Coriander  (GF)

Sake Marinated Salmon, Quince, Tangelo and Coriander Essence Rice Paper (GF)

Beetroot and Juniper cured South Island Salmon with Horseradish Potato Tart

Soy and Ginger Salmon Skewers (GF)

Mini Chermoula Tuna Burger, Preserved Lemon and Crème Fraiche

Kingfish and Lime Sashimi on Green Tea Rice Cake with Shallot Salad (GF)

Lemon Smoked Scallops with Chilli Pancetta (GF)

Brioche coated Scallops with Apple and Citrus Salad, Caramelised Mango



Slow Roast Tomato, Bocconcini and Bruschetta with Pesto and Parmesan

Blackened Eggplant and Whipped Chevre Gougere

Green Pea and Ginger Herbed Tartlet with Hazelnut and Mint Salsa

Sake and Vanilla Poached Vine Tomato, Caramelised Onion and Fetta (GF)

Crisp Potato and Beetroot Rostii, Olive, Basil and Raisin Tapenade (GF)

 Mini Caponata Pizza with Parmesan, Thyme and Olives

Roast Pumpkin, Spinach, Ricotta and Pinenut Empanada

Potato, Mint and Feta Pancake with Imam Biyaldi (GF)

Spicy Eggplant, Red Onion, Mint and Goats Curd Fold Over



Mini Lemon, Ricotta and Almond Cakes (GF)

Chocolate and Pistachio Marquis Sable

Raspberry and Rose Petit Meringues with Orange Crème (GF)

Plum and Chocolate Brulee Tart

Classic Pecan and Maple Spiced Tart

Green Tea, Pistachio and Quinoa Bars

Frangelico and Cacao Truffles (GF)

Opera Cake – Dark Chocolate and Coffee layered Almond Sponge

Lemon Meringue Tartlets



Cocktail Hour Platters

$98.50 per platter (10 portions)

*  Chef recommended -  if no chef booked some items may need to be substituted.


Approximately 4 pieces per portion

The following items are an indication of platter content; items may vary according to season.


* Latin America

Pambazo, Beef Empanada, Guacamole, Gorditas, Shrimp Tostadas, Refried Beans with Taco, Chicken Mole Skewer, Sopaipallas, Onion and Olive Enchiladas, Red onion Tamatillo Salsa



Saffron fish cakes, Lamb and fig Cigars, Bastilla chicken Phyllo, Harissa Chicken Drumettes, Chermoula marinated fish, Cumin, fennel and cinnamon spiced pumpkin, Spicy Minced beef kebabs


* Fusion Tastes

Dim Sums, Crisp Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls, Black Bean Squid, Cajun chicken wings, Cumin spiced Salmon Skewers, Greek Beef Balls, Fresh Prawn Spring Rolls



Cured Meats and Seafood, Grilled Vegetables, Pepperdews, Dolmades, Duck and Cognac Pate with Home made Chutney and Pickles and Bruschetta and Crusty French Breads


* Kiwiana

Mini Steak and Cheese Pie, Fish Goujons and Potato Wedges, Lamb Burger, Garlic and Herb Bread Sticks, Asparagus Rolls, Mussel and Courgette Fritters, Smoked Fish Tart, Sausage Rolls



Feta and Chickpea Fritters, Vegetable Pakora, Grilled Artichokes, Feta stuffed Peppadews, Roast Tomato and Fennel Bruschetta, Pumpkin and lentil Kofta, Crisp Vegetable rice paper rolls, Cabbage and Chive Dim Sum, Roast Cauliflower and Kumara Frittata


Whole Hot Smoked Salmon Fillets

Muscavoda, Horseradish, Juniper and Lime Glazed Home Smoked Salmon served with Tomato Chilli Jam and Kumara Sourdough



Gourmet Bar Snacks         $35.00 per platter (10 portions)

Horipito and Sundried Tomato Pita Crisps, Baked Garlic and Herb Bread Sticks, Paprika and Parmesan Popcorn, Soy Honey and Sesame Roasted Nuts, Pretzels


Artisan Cheese Platter with Oatcakes, Crackers and Accompaniments

$75.00 per platter (10 portions)



 Standing Fork Food

$8.00 per person per selection

Chef Recommeneded


Roast Chickpeas, Cauliflower and Ginger with Baby Spinach, Toasted Pepita

Tamarind Glazed Vegetable, Peppers, Feta, Rocket Haloumi

Broccoli, Baby Beet, Spring Onion, Grilled Baby Carrots, Orange, Mustard & Miso Dressing

Cucumber, Kumara, Pomegranate, Green Bean, Baby Spinach and Goats Curd

Fennel Seed Lamb, Cannellini Beans, Courgette, Radish, Cashew and Mint

Grilled Ras el Hanout Lamb, Freekeh, Walnuts, Chard, Rosemary Mushrooms & Tahini Labneh

Orange Glazed Ham, Kumara Roasted with Maple and Sumac, Poppy Seed and Sesame Yoghurt

Star Anise Ham, Cucumber, Paw Paw, Toasted Rice with Tamarind and Caramelised Macadamia

Grilled Lemon Chicken, Oregano, Cucumber, Roast Tomato, Black Olives

Roast Corn-Fed Chicken, Mandarin, Kale, Pumpkin, Tomato and Yuzu

Duck with Poached Balsamic Figs, walnuts, Grapes, Vinagre de Jerez, and Quinoa

Sesame Glazed Beef Balls, Coriander and Chilli Rice Salad, Cucumber Pickle

Grilled Chipotle Squid, Charred Corn and Piquillo Pepper Salad, Smoked Ricotta

Seared Salmon, Buckwheat, Avocado and Watercress Salad with Nori and Black Sesame Salt

Sancho Prawns, Miso Roasted Artichoke and Kumara, Garlic Ume Dressing

Manis Beef Sirloin, Roast Pumpkin, Sweet Aubergine, Shiitake, Herbed Horseradish Mascarpone and Parmesan



Supper Carvery

One selection meat               $  9.50 per person

Two selections meat             $11.50 per person


Rosemary and Paprika Roasted Beef Sirloin

Chilli and Mint Grilled Butterflied Lamb Leg

Palm Sugar, Lime and Ginger Glazed Champagne Ham


Served with

Home-made Condiments, Sliced Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Gourmet Salad Leaves, Pickles, Cheese with Scottish Oat Baps and Artisan Bread Rolls


 Ask about adding individual salad cartons to compliment your Carvery



Prices are GST exclusive



Note: Please ask for a quote for your guest numbers as we have to price in wait staff and Chefs for this menu



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